Inner layer clothing that has a function to add comfort in other sports or outdoor activities, using microfiber polyester this material is specifically designed as anti-bacterial and can reduce odor and withstand hot or cold temperatures. Ready to order. Sports Baselayer. Serves to use when exercising so that your exercise is more comfortable. Comfortable to wear when on the move with quality goods that are undoubted. The benefits of Elastico 7 baselayer for your body when used.

1. Adjust your body temperature to all weather conditions. Warm up when the weather is cold, cool when it's hot.
2. protect the skin from sunlight or UV rays that can damage our skin cells.
3. Protect skin pores that are open from dust and dirt, when you sweat / exercise.
4. Absorb body sweat, to be squeezed & dry quickly. No problem. Available in Long Sleeves, Short Sleeves, Sleeveless, Shorts, Long Pants with many color choices.